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Trying Something Else

With how social media site are being currently (cough cough Twitter cough), I'm gonna try and start my own blog on my own site. So here's some sketches, been into Gundam lately.

Gijinkas! I love gijinkas. My current design philosophy for these are: tactical but fashion forward. And they are all still robots.

Also Gundam Evolution please put Banshee in.

Sazabi is a sexy mummy because I say so. Also titan adjacent.

More sketches. GM Sniper is following the tradition of 🅱️ideo 🅱️ame Sniper Concept. Methuss is inspired by Korean Gat. Might try to put a hanbok in there but no guarantees. I am also unironically shipping my Gundam gijinka with Red Comet.

That's it for the moment. We'll see how this fares! I have to admit adding some extra commentary to these drawings is nice.

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